Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The phone, the car & the HOH

Well I wanted this blog to be more about us and our journey than a reflection place for why I was/am in trouble. Lately, trouble seems to be my middle name.  Sometimes no matter how hard I try, old habits come back into play. 

So this time, unlike with Facebook, it was so accidental I didn't even realize I had done it until it was too late.   Getting on Facebook knowing I was not supposed to was more an act of defiance. A rebellious state of mind for which I immediately felt guilt, confessed and was punished accordingly.  I'm trying hard to stifle that little rebellious brat but she is one strong determined person, a formidable opponent. 

The rule:  Seatbelt must be worn at all times, no texting while driving, no phone calls except with use of Bluetooth. 

Simple enough.  I started this one actually because HOH never wore a seatbelt and always had phone in hand. He does use a Bluetooth for making calls, that was his addition. I hate the Bluetooth, it hurts my ears so I rarely ever use it. I'm not big on texting while driving and always wear a seatbelt and not very often talk on the phone while driving. 

Until. . . .

We were driving to the kids soccer game when I received a call. I saw it was from the school, so I answered. It was only a recorded message and could have totally waited. I don't know why, looking back, that I answered that call.  Old habits have a way of coming back to bite you in the butt. (Literally, in this case)

Who was on the phone?
Just the school, why?
Oh, I thought it might be really important since you answered it in the car. You're driving right?

And the lightbulb goes on. Oh, crap what did I just do?

I'll help you remember to not use the phone in the car. 

That reminder always waits until the house is quiet. I had a lot of time to wonder just how bad it was going to be. I did all my chores, was super sweet (not really) and tried to mentally prepare for what I knew was coming. 

Fonzi is not a big lecturer. He calmly states the facts interjecting none of the guilt. At least until this one.  The I can't believe you did that while I was in the car.  It was disrespectful and disobedient. Not to mention how dangerous it was for yourself and everyone in the car.  (Really, just 2 weeks ago, you told me how great a driver you were so it wasn't dangerous).  I'm not sure where the lecturing Fonzi came from but boy was he there last night.  I was told to stand in the corner until the house was still and quiet. It's hard to stand in a dark corner. 

Once the house was quiet, the fireworks began. Not a big warm up, this was punishment after all. He drew his evil stick and began.  Swat after horrible swat, I thought it would never end. He paused to lecture some more but my break was short lived. Again the rain of awful stingy swats landing on my thighs and covering my bottom in a storm of fire. Another break, another lecture. More rain of fire. (Have I mentioned how I hate that stick - this is apparently not the time to tell him but I did). Followed by more fire. 

I won't sit still today. My bottom still stings from the bite of that nasty stick (and my thighs). My phone will stay in my purse this morning. Maybe I'll break out the Bluetooth and get it ready for use. A small short lived pain in my ear is better than he horrible pain in my bottom. 

I do however, appreciate and love him even more because he was protecting me from danger, myself even. I know he loves me.  I felt his love last night.  He held me until I fell asleep and whispered I love you many times in my ear.  I'm one lucky baby girl. 

Be patient, I'm still learning (and losing bad habits).

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