Friday, April 11, 2014

The Anniversary Spanking(s)

We have been married 20 years. It's been an adventure from the first day we met. Our love story was like no other. We ended up eloping after only 2 weeks and out lasted everyone of our friends. We are lucky to still be in love.  I'm lucky to be married to my best friend.   

So the day would start with a little reminder of who the boss is, who's in control. Didn't matter is was our anniversary, it was reminder day. Mr Consistency is always true to his word and no amount of batting eyes and cuteness would deter him.  So across his lap I went.  He wielded his trusty paddle brush and promptly applied a reminder of why I should be good.  I got the message over and over again.  This message was so well received, I felt it necessary to confess way to much after the fact. Ya, I know, when will I learn to just keep my mouth shut?  Probably, never.   So while the reminder was fresh, he reminded me that it did not excuse the other stuff but not to worry, he would forgive me later. (This is the last appearance of that brush as sadly it broke)

The anniversary itself was nice. He came to my work for lunch.  Bought me beautiful beads for my bracelet and had a surprise waiting for me at home. A surprise that included flower petals on the floor and a heart shape made of little kisses on the bed. It was so sweet, something that he's never done ever in 20 years. Don't worry, he received a gift card to his favorite store and some candy.  Not as dramatic I know but I will now have to join him at this favorite store of his while he picks out the gift he wants. (I hate this store - so it's a really big deal that I'll actually go)

He also ordered some new implements that came the night before.  A very large (like super huge) leather paddle and a smaller wooden spoon sized thing with holes. I really don't know what goes through his mind when he picks out these things. Neither of these got used for the morning spanking. 

So during the day, there were many chances for him to tell me how my night would end. A quick text here, a phone call telling me how "hot" my night would be. Not the fun hot, but the fire burning stingy ouchie hot of discipline.  He delivered on his warning when he finally got home from work. He promised that he was only trying to invest in the next 20 years and us. He decided to try out the new wooden thing. I do not like the new wooden thing.  I now know why I hear so much about the spoons. The concentration of stingy pain all over my bottom and thighs was almost unbearable. I couldn't stay still, I dodged and squirmed. He held on tight. I have a few new bruises including one that resembles that stupid spoon looking thing. (He told me I shouldn't have squirmed - he's probably right)

It was an overall great anniversary. I feel loved and cherished, safe and secure. I know I have a lot to learn but I'm in good hands. Here's to another 20 or more years. 

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  1. Happy Anniversary doll! So glad it was a special day for both you and Fonzie!
    I warned you about the stupid spoon. They belong in kitchens not on bottoms. Lol
    Leather for all is sting is so much better. But as they say, live and learn.
    So glad your in a happy place.
    Tell Fonzi that I said he did good. Hope all those rose petals and chocolate didn't go to waste. ;)