Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our special day

I had it coming. I knew it was coming. I did not enjoy waiting for it. 

I couldn't talk to him about what I was feeling. I couldn't bring myself to tell him I was hurting & he was causing it. Instead I tried to get his attention anyway I could. To say I was a brat would be an understatement. I was acting out, talking back, being disobedient. I think I broke every rule (some twice). I also tried doing nice things, considerate things, submissive feeling things. He noticed the bad stuff and barely made mention of the good. Well at any rate, I got his attention.   

We had planned an outing. Just the two of us. It was, in the beginning, a weekend but turned into one day because he had to work. (Brat reason but no excuse) I was really looking forward to our day. A movie, lunch, a casino trip, dinner and a hotel. We never get to do stuff like that alone. We haven't had a date in years. 

We woke up and he asked if I was ready to start our day. I so was but he had other early morning plans. My time had run out and it was time to pay the price for being an insufferable brat for the last few days. I wanted to plead that it was our day but he wouldn't have listened. I instead complied and went across his lap. I swear there was no warm up. His hands were like steel. It lasted forever. He misplaced his stick and continued harder with his hand. Usually I'm grateful for the hand only spanking but this was unlike any before. I wanted it to stop. It did, he rubbed my back while I calmed down and then he found that silly stick and started again. I think there were 4 different sessions between the stick and his hand. I will not be acting like a brat anytime soon. 

And so our real day started. First a movie. (Ever sat still that long on a sore bottom - OMG it was horrible). The rest of the day went without a hitch. I stayed out of any more trouble. 

He found a new implement a a fishing store of all places. An 18" oar. Who would have thought a fishing store would be dangerous to take an HOH. I might need to rethink his anniversary gift. LOL
                                    It really is as  menacing &awful as it looks!!

It was a good day. I'm glad we had the time to connect as husband and wife, best friends, & lovers. 

It was also Sunday. Maintenance day. Just because I'd been spanked once didn't mean he would throw off our regular schedule. I tried - believe me - to convince him otherwise. He wanted to try out his new oar.  Try he did. That thing is as horrible as you can imagine it to be. Heavy large & stings like no other. Well I don't want to revisit it anytime soon. I've been good for 2 whole days. I might actually make it to reminder day without a discipline spanking this week. Crazier things have happened.  

I'm finally learning!!!  Maybe, but there's still plenty to learn. Together, we will learn. Together, we take this journey. 

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