Monday, April 14, 2014

The exercise

I wrote the other day about a full on submissive day where I could only do what I was told or allowed to do.  Everything I wanted or needed would be controlled by him. I would give everything to him.  My whole world would be at his discretion.  Easy right?? OH no, in no way. 

It wasn't horrible.  I wasn't perfect.  He wasn't perfect. 

He had worked a double the night before, so he was really tired and didn't really push the limits of my submissions. He only reprimanded me a few times for not saying sir, or doing something without asking. He only put me in position twice during the day but later told me had he not been so tired, it would have been 5 or 6.   I did not earn any extra swats for bad behavior. (Stop laughing, I can be good when I want to be)

He did make me wear clothes of his choosing, which left me feeling naked and exposed all day even though I wasn't. I guess this is when I felt the most submissive. I couldn't do anything about it. Couldn't change clothes, couldn't add clothes. Very humbling & full on embarrassing.  Once I was allowed to change clothes, I realized I didn't feel the same towards the submissive day. It was almost like it was over, but the look on his face later proved me wrong. 

I don't think this is the last time we will do this type of exercise. While it was working, we were closer.  We had a connection that we both enjoyed.   I totally loved giving him charge of all of me. He did me proud. He was not abusive with his power, he was loving and caring. 

Since Sunday is the beginning of a new week, we finished the night with our usual sit down discussion and maintenance (ugh). A tweak of a few rules, a stern warning of the ones I can't manage to follow and all is good. We are doing alright in our journey. We realize it's our journey to take. No one else will have this journey as everyone must go down their own path. 

Some day soon I may sit without squirming a little, but until then, I'm still learning!!


  1. You are doing a great job! We have a new leather paddle, but I've only been punished with it once. Ouch!

    1. Ouch is an understatement. I was almost home free as he was sending it back this week. He told me he didn't think he would anymore as he kinda likes it. I already know I hate it and don't want to see it anytime soon.

  2. I shouldn't be laughing at the leather paddle but I am a teeny tiny bit. Have you ever heard me say, "be careful what you wish for cause it might appear and bite you in the a$$"? I'm teasing of course. You're doing great. Fonzi is doing great. Your submission day sounds interesting. You may have to share. ;)
    ((Hugs)) ~Cat

    1. Leather is NOT a friendly thing!!! Thanks for all your support. Round 2 of submission day is coming soon. He won't be as tired.