Tuesday, April 22, 2014

He is paying attention

To say some mornings I lack the motivation to get the day rolling would be a total understatement. I'm the one who will hit snooze as many times as possible calculating just how mush more time I can lay there comfy & still be on time. It's a constant mental game for sleep. 9 more minutes here and I will take a quicker shower. I can lay here and contemplate my outfit, my moves.  Completely choreograph my morning routine in my head for just a few extra moments of sleep. It's not that I'm sleeping at this point, just delaying what I know I have to do.  Procrastination at it's finest. 

These things he knows all too well. I'm not a morning person and will delay any morning until noon if I could. This is why he established the get out of bed at a certain time rule. It's for my well being. I'm happier when I'm not rushed in the morning. I'm less crabby all day. Im less likely to take it all out on him.

The kids have been out of school, we've had family drama and it was Monday. Who doesn't dread getting out of bed on Monday?  I was slightly procrastinating, doing my usual dance in my head. Ok, no kids to get ready, an extra snooze. It takes x amount of time to get to work, a shorter shower, I can wear this and the whole thing going as I planned. I even took time to sit on the bed and play a few games and of course make questionable comments to the sleeping bear.   Turns out, I don't think he was sleeping. My comment that I seemed to lack motivation did not go as unheard as I thought.  As well as the "ya think" comment when he asked if I was running late. 

I did finally start to get ready, albeit very late at this point. There was no way I would be on time. No way my day wasn't headed in a wrong direction. He gently said, so you have no motivation this morning. Looking shocked, I said no just don't feel it today.   I thought there'd be a lecture, maybe words of encouragement or I don't know - nothing! (Giggling already aren't you). He offered to give me motivation. Well he didn't really offer anything, he pretty much said I've got your motivation. Pillows were in place on the bed, tools out, proper motivation right there - yep I saw it, just that much too late. He landed several swats of motivation on the one place I could remember where it was all day. 

After that, my day went well.  I stayed focused and on track all day at work.  I didn't have any problems with attitude. I didn't break any rules.  Found no more trouble that day. Not sure when he started paying this kind of attention to me, but I like it. I like the feeling of being loved and cherished so much that he is willing to push a reset button for us. I felt like I matter. I haven't felt that way in so long.   I like letting him lead me. I love this man!!!

Let the adventure continue. As long as I'm learning, we will be alright!!

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