The Sherrif - the rest of the story

well no one commented but here's the rest of the story. Maybe there wasn't enough to for an opinion. I hope someone comments eventually. Enjoy!

Rachel woke up slowly trying to open her eyes. She didn't know why she had such a headache. She was only able to open her right eye and her vision was still a little fuzzy. She blinked a few times and started to wiggle on the bed. She saw movement in the corner of the room, but what room was this. She'd never been here before.
   "Well good afternoon sweetheart. I thought you'd sleep the whole day"
    "Where am I?  What's going on?  How'd I........"
  Jason shushed her. "Easy Rachel. I'll explain everything, let me tell them you're awake first. Ok. I'll be right back". He quickly stepped out the door and to the nurses station to tell Susie that Rachel was finally awake.  Relief flooded Jason as he walked back into the room with Rachel. He was so happy that his mistake didn't take her away from him.
   "Alright angel, relax and I'll answer some of those questions for you". Jason pulled his chair closer to the bed and took a seat ready to explain Friday night. "You were struck in the face with a pool stick, fell backwards and hit your head. You're at the hospital. You're safe". He didn't want the explanation to be so short but he didn't want to flood her with too many details yet. "Do you remember anything?"
   "No, not really. I remember playing pool with Mark, Tyler and Emily then you walked in". When she said he walked In she remembered the jolt of electricity,  She felt it again, just like that night. He was here, in her hospital room. Yet as strange or weird as that was, it felt right.  "I had wanted to leave hours before that but Emily seemed to be having so much fun. Then Mark kinda made us stay. Blocking us when we tried to leave and having us play just one more game. I was glad you came in.  Why did you come in. It was late, the bar was closing"
   "I actually came looking for you". He'd said it, he was glad he said it. "I wanted to make sure you got home alright if you'd been drinking."
   "I don't drink". Rachel's head was killing her. She felt as though it might explode. She wasn't sure if the dizziness was because of the headache or the fact he said he was looking for her. He wanted to keep her safe. No one, not even Drake, had tried to keep her safe.  She decided it was a good dizzy feeling. Jason made her head spin. The headache she could live without.
    Dr. Carter and Susie came in and started checking her out, taking her vitals, looking at her wounds, her pupils. The light hurt her eyes but was unbearable in her right eye.
    "Sorry Rachel. I know it hurts but I have to look."
    Susie squeezed Rachel's hand for reassurance. "It'll be alright honey. You've got the best guys in town looking after you".
   "And nurses too". Jason shot back at her.
   Susie smiled and blushed. Jason always made her good about herself.
   "I think you'll be able to go home this evening if you have someone to help take care of you.  You'll need to take it easy for a few days. You have stitches under your eye and on the back of your head" Dr. Carter told her pointing to the bandages. "You will need to come back in a week to have those removed. Susie will give you all the symptoms to watch for with concussions. So unless you have one of those, you should be just fine. Do you have someone to help you?"
   Rachel's head was spinning. Not hurt so bad to think. Someone to take care of her?  Her dad did well enough to take care of himself, she'd be afraid to ask him to help her. Not to mention embarrassed. She had always been able to take care of herself. "No.  I mean my dad could help but he's older and I usually take care of him. I could ask Emily to stay with me a few days. I'm sure I could manage by myself if I had to."
   "Nonsense, I'll take care of her. I'll see she gets home and gets plenty of rest. I won't let her out of my sight until you say she's back to 100%". Jason gave her a stern look that melted through her.  She was glad to be laying down or she felt her knees might have given out.
   "I can't ask you to take care of me like that. We just met". Rachel protested.
   "Well you didn't ask me, I volunteered. No talking me out of it. It's done. I'll start making some arrangements while you get some sleep. This was a lot really fast. You should rest".
   Dr. Carter and Susie agreed with Jason.  Rachel felt tired at that moment and didn't fight being told to take a nap.  She drifted off to sleep feeling a peace she hadn't felt since before Drake.
    Once Rachel fell asleep, Jason finally left the room to make some calls. He needed to let Brody know Rachel was going to be ok. He needed to call Tom & Emily and let them know as well. Then in a panic he thought about Rachel's dad. Was he worried, did anyone tell him what happened. He didn't know if Rachel's dad had a phone or was her emergency contact. He knew who to ask.
   "Susie, have you told Scott about Rachel. She won't be into work for at least a few days."
Before Jason could ask anymore questions, Scott walked up to the nurses station, kissed his wife on the cheek and greeted Jason.
   "How is she?"  Scott asked. "I brought her emergency contact information like you asked.
  Jason gathered the number and called Rachel's dad. Told him what had happened and offered to pick him up and bring him to the hospital. "Scott, can you give me a lift to get my truck?  I need to go pick up Rachel's dad and go by my house to get the car. The trucks at the bar on the way"
   "Sure thing buddy. Susie said Rachel is sleeping so I can come back later and give her my regards. Dad would be mad at me if I didn't give her his best also."
  "Susie, if she wakes up, let her know I'll be right back. Just a quick errand. Something I have to do" Jason didn't want to leave her, he'd promised to keep her in his sights. He had no choice. She would be worried about him. He didn't want her to worry about anything as long as he could help it.

     When Jason returned, he found Rachel awake with several friends over for a visit.  Scott had come back after dropping him off at his truck to wish Rachel a speedy recovery.  Emily stopped by to bring the clothes Jason asked her to get from her house.  Tom was still with Emily.  Connie was in the hospital on other business and stopped by to see how she was doing.
    "Seems everyone is here for a party.  I brought you one more guest Rachel.  He will be right in"
    "Who else would want to come see me?  Everyone I know in town is already here."
    "Hi sweetheart.  I was so worried about you."  Steven walked up and hugged Rachel.  He looked worried and like he hadn't slept all night.
     "Oh Daddy.  I'm sorry.  I would have called you sooner but...."  Rachel started to cry.
    Jason interrupted her, handing her a tissue.  "I should have called sooner.  I didn't stop to think that someone would be waiting for her at home.  It was very unprofessional of me.  Rachel, honey, it's not your fault.  You were a little unable to do any calling for yourself"
    "I know that but I still feel awful."
    "Nonsense, Rachel. My little bit of worry is nothing compared to what you've been through.  Jason told me everything. He also said you would be coming home with us later."  Steven raised an eyebrow at the thought Jason was staying with her while she recovered.
    "Jason, did you call and ask Emily to bring me clothes?"  He shook his head yes and smiled. "That was very nice of you. Thanks."
    "My pleasure.  I didn't want you to worry about anything. You should be resting and recovering and I'm going to make sure you have what you need to get better"


     Rachel was released from the hospital later that day. She enjoyed having everyone come and visit her. She never had friends that came by to see how she was feeling before. Tamersville was growing on her, she never thought she could feel so much like she belonged in such a short time. She was happy for the first time in over a year.
    "Once we get you home, it's straight to bed for you". Jason ordered.
    "What?  Why?  I'm not even tired. There's things I need to get done." Rachel pouted at the thought he would make her go to bed. Could he make her?  Who made him her boss?
    "You need to rest. Whatever needs doing can wait or you can ask me to do them for you. You won't be doing anything until the doctor says you're ready. Don't argue with me, you won't win and you won't like the consequences."  Jason said matter of fact.
     Rachel thought back to the conversation with Emily. It seemed so long ago instead of just Friday night.  He wouldn't really spank her would he?  Rachel sighed "Fine, but I don't need a babysitter you know."
    "Then stop pouting and behaving like a baby". Jason chuckled as her pout. He liked the way she pouted. He smiled at the fact that she pouted but she agreed to do as she was told. She was everything he was never looking for in a woman he thought.  Smart, funny, cute, beautiful and willing to submit to him.
    Rachel went in the house and upstairs to her bedroom. Her dad thanked Jason and went to his basement apartment. Jason grabbed a few things from his trunk and followed them both towards the house.
    "Rachel". He knocked on her bedroom door.  " I'm coming in."
    "Come on in.  I'm in bed like you said but I'm not sleepy"
     He opened the door slowly not sure what he would see. Rachel was in bed, sitting up watching him. "You don't have to be sleepy to rest but you will stay in that bed. The doctor said you could still get dizzy if you move too much or too fast. I don't want you getting hurt again so if you need to get up, you'll let me know so I can make sure you're safe."
    "I don't need your help.  I'm fine."
    "I didn't ask.  I will be here to take care of you like it or not.  I'm going to the kitchen to make dinner. You stay in bed.  Maybe I'll let you come downstairs to eat dinner and watch a movie with me if you behave."  Jason smiled at her knowing she would do as he asked. He didn't know why he knew but he did.
   Rachel laid down in the bed and pouted again. Who was he to treat her this way?  Why was she letting him?  Ha, she thought, I'm not letting him do anything, he's just doing it. She wasn't upset. She actually felt like this was a good thing. It wasn't long before her eyes grew heavy and she began to fall asleep.  "I'm not tired" she said as she yawned and closed her eyes.
    Jason knew his way around this kitchen. Very few things were in different places than his mother had them years ago. He was happy knowing that she was a lot like her in the way they made up their homes, to that innocent giggle that lights up a room. He was falling hard for her and he had only just met her.  He found enough in the refrigerator and freezer to pull together a decent meal. Chicken Marsala, baked potatoes and fresh green beans, with a nice green salad.  He made some sweet tea remembering that she didn't drink. When dinner was almost ready, he went upstairs to check on her. Rachel lay on her side curled up hugging her pillow. She was sound asleep. Clearing his throat to wake her he said, "thought you weren't sleepy, little one."
    "Well, I wasn't allowed to do much else, now was I" she said indignantly.
    "I was going to let you come downstairs with me but not if you're having an attitude. Maybe you need more sleep"
    "No, I'm sorry. I'm always a little cranky when I wake up. Please, I've been in bed forever."
    He didn't think she was trying to give him those big sad puppy eyes on purpose but he couldn't say no at that point. "Ok, you can come down for dinner.  I'll let you know about the movie."  He winked at her, smiling. He noticed she made him smile a lot.
    Dinner was amazing and he let her snuggle with him on the couch to watch a movie. He even switched sides on the couch when her bruises hurt to snuggle on that side.  She was so relaxed and safe, she didn't even make it through to the end of the movie.
    Jason glanced down to see her nod off to sleep. He gently kissed her on her head and let her lay there for a little while before carrying her off to her bed for the night.  He tucked her in, watched her sleep for a little while then returned downstairs to clean up from dinner.

     The week went by fast. Jason had taken excellent care of Rachel and Steve. Rachel had never been happier.  Tomorrow she would get her stitches out and the doctor would clear her for normal daily life. Jason would go back to his own house.  This fact had Rachel feeling a little sad. She didn't really want him to leave.  They had spent nearly every day together and when he did have to work, he made sure that someone would come sit with her to keep her company.  
     Tonight he has sent Emily over to keep Rachel company. He had given them strict instructions not to leave the house. He wasn't ready for Rachel to be out alone without him. Emily, however, had other plans tonight.
     "Come on Rachel. We won't be gone that long.  I'll drive. I've been dying for some ice cream all day. My treat."  Emily looked at Rachel with a look like a kid trying to talk her best friend into trouble.
    "I don't know Em. You know how Jason feels about me going out without him"
    "He's not here and it's just down the road a little bit. We'll be back before he notices"
    "Ok fine but if Jason finds out, this is all your doing"
     "Deal!"  Emily couldn't help but laugh. "You're perfect for him you know."
    Rachel shrugged off the idea of being a perfect match. She had never thought of herself as perfect for anyone. After drake, she pretty much felt like damaged goods.
     The short drive to Johnny's Sweet Treats was a welcome feeling of fresh air Rachel didn't even realized she was missing. The smells of the water and the cool evening air were not something this city girl ever imagined missing, yet she did. Somehow, those smells and the sounds of the birds made her feel at home here. She'd forgotten about how she must look to anyone who didn't know what happened.
     They ordered their ice cream and sat at a bench close to the boardwalk. As usual the place was packed with tourists of all ages. Kids running here and there, parents yelling at them to come back before they fell in the water.
    Emily and Rachel were talking and laughing about nothing and everything. They never heard these two men approach them, basically cornering them on their bench.
    "Look Tyler. It's the bitches that got me locked up."  Mark was drunk again and looking to cause trouble.
    "Come on Mark, let's just go. It's not worth it." Tyler tried to steer his friend away from the girls.
    "No, they were ready to leave with us that night.  Now they will since the sheriff is no where to be seen". Mark grazed his thighs across Rachel's back reaching down to put a hand on her shoulder.
    "Just leave us alone". Emily said. "We had no intention of leaving with you then and we definitely aren't leaving with you now".
    Rachel was frozen. She didn't want to turn around and show off the bruises and stitches he had left on her face when his pool cue missed Jason. She suddenly didn't want anyone to see her.   She was suddenly terrified that Jason would find out she was here.
    Emily stood and grabbed Rachel's arm to come with her. "Let's go home Rachel"
   Before Rachel could get to her feet, Mark grabbed her other arm and started dragging her away. "She'll come with me this time". When Emily tried to stop him, he simply pushed her away causing her to trip and fall over someone passing by.
    Jason met them in the parking lot.  Rachel noticed him standing there first. Fear in her eyes, he blocked the only path they could take. Emily running behind them yelling at Mark to stop.
    "Hi Rachel" Jason said with a slight glare. "Funny seeing you here tonight. Is everything alright?"  He didn't expect an answer nor was she able to give him one. That look told her everything was no where near ok with her. She knew the danger she was in with Mark, but it was the trouble with Jason that sent the butterflies into flight in her stomach.
     "Leave us alone sheriff. We were just leaving."  He glared at Jason but not relaxing his grip on Rachel.
     "Your choice is simple."  Jason was speaking to Tyler but keeping his eyes on Mark. "You can take your friend and leave town tonight or you can both be arrested on public disturbance charges."
     The idea of being arrested again must have worked on sobering mark up enough to let go or Rachel and walk away. They watched as Mark and Tyler got in their car and drove away. Jason would have them followed just to be sure they really did leave town.
     "You two go home. Emily, I called Tom."  Jason stared at the girls.
     "You didn't need to call him. I'm ... I mean We are fine."
     "For now. Go home."  He tone was strict and firm. He left no room for arguing.

     Once back at Rachel's, Emily got a call from Tom. He expected her to be home as soon as possible.   "He sounds mad.  I really wasn't trying to get anyone upset.  I just wanted to get you out of the house for a little while. I had no idea ......"  Emily started crying. It had been a terrifying   night for both girls.
    "I'm just going to go to bed. Why don't you head on home, I'll be ok until Jason comes back"
    "Are you sure?  Tom knows I'm keeping you company, I can stay a while longer".
    "No really, I'm tired. I'm going to lock up and head upstairs"
    "Ok, but we'll walk around and lock up together. That way I'm sure you're tucked in safe"
    "Fine. Come on then."  Rachel gave Emily a weary little smile and the two set off to make sure all doors and windows were locked.  Once satisfied, Emily said her goodbyes and left. Rachel watched her from the window back out of the driveway and head home.
    Once in bed Rachel fell right to sleep waking only when Jason touched her arm.
     "Hey. I tried to stay up for you but I couldn't."
     "We'll go back to sleep. We have a lot to talk about tomorrow."
     "I know you're mad at me but will you stay with me. Here in the bed, not on the floor or the couch. I'm still pretty freaked out about what happened. Please."   Rachel was trying not to show the tears that had been building since they'd run into Mark but slowly they were escaping.
     "Shhhh sweetheart, it's ok. You're safe. I have you." Jason whispered in her ear. "Let me finish downstairs and get ready for bed.  I'll be right back"
    They would fall asleep wrapped in each other's arms.


        The morning sun was shining brightly through the window. Rachel rolled over and tried to cover her face and noticed he was gone. Sitting up, wide awake now, she now worried about how upset he must still be with her. She feared the consequences he'd always mention. Yet fear wasn't the right word for it. She wondered what it was she was feeling. Apprehension maybe. Fear of the unknown, but she wasn't afraid of Jason. Even mad, he was still calm and level headed. He hadn't lashed out or yelled at her. Hadn't raised a hand in anger. She was falling for him and was mad at herself for disappointing him. It was time to face him but was he even still there.
     Rachel walked downstairs to find Jason sitting at the table with his coffee and the morning news on TV. He was reading a newspaper and looked like he just belonged at that table, doing that exact thing. He didn't look like a guest in her house, he looked completely at home and she was loving it.   Rachel filled her coffee cup and sat beside him picking through the paper not really looking for anything.
     "Jason, I ....." Rachel started to talk but was cut off.
     "No, Rachel, I'll talk. You listen."  His tone sent shivers down her spine. "I asked you to stay home. I told you I didn't want you out unless I was with you. Do you know what went through my mind when I heard you were having ice cream on the boardwalk?  Or what I felt seeing him with his hands on you dragging you off to God knows where?"  He never yelled, never raised his voice but he was clearly still very upset. His voice was steady and firm as he scolded her.
   She tried to speak again but he silenced her. "I know it's only been a week but I think I love you Rachel. I've never felt like this with anyone before. I've never wanted someone like I want you. But I can't have you going off and not doing what I ask. I've told you there would be consequences if you disobeyed me. I've warned you and you knew. I'm very disappointed and upset. Finish your breakfast so we can get going to the doctor to have the stitches removed."  He got up from the table and walked off. Leaving her there to think about what he said.
    Rachel heard what he said but what she focused on most was that he loved her, he wanted her. She had wanted him too and now needed to make this right with him. She loved him and she was mad at herself for having disappointed him.  She finished her breakfast and went upstairs to get ready.
   "Jason, I'm ready". Rachel called for Jason but she didn't get a response.  She sat on the couch with her head in her hands and cried. She knew he was mad but how could she explain if he wouldn't let her talk to him. She pulled her knees to her chest and just sat and waited.
    Jason sat on the deck out of sight. He needed time to cool off, to think. No woman had ever gotten to him like this. He felt it from the moment he met her. She was his perfect match. Finally someone who would fill the hole in his heart. He saw in her eyes and they way they had gotten along all week, she was his perfect submissive. She wanted to please him, to do what he asked. He would never take advantage of her trust. He would protect and lead them both into a happy future together.  Right now, he needed to cool off. He decided before he saw her on the boardwalk what he would do but he wouldn't do it in anger.
     Walking in the house he saw her quietly crying. He smiled slightly. His words affected her.  He knew she was sorry for her disobedience and seeing her upset melted his heart. He was no longer mad or upset. "Are you ready to go?"  He asked quietly.  "Yes" her simple reply.
     The doctors visit I was quick.  The scars were healing nicely and Dr. Carter didn't think there would be much of a scar. Rachel was shook back to tears at the thought that the horrible incident could be forgotten.
     Jason dropped Rachel off back at her house. He had hardly said anything to her.  She hardly spoke either so she couldn't blame him.
     "Thank you for taking such good care of me this week. I really am sorry for.....  Well you know. I hate that you're so upset with me. I wish I could take it back. I don't want to lose you. I love you."  She had started crying again. She didn't know why she couldn't stop. Everything seemed so wrong and she only wanted it to get better.  "Are you coming in?"
    "No, I have to go to work this evening. I'm going home to get some things done and get a nap."  Jason bent down and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. "I'll call you, ok?"
    "Ok."  Rachel was devastated. He didn't want her anymore. He didn't love her.


     Rachel went back to work and soon everything was back to normal. She was slowly trying to forget her ordeal, her week with Jason. He hadn't called her and she hadn't seen him around town. She didn't think what she had done was so awful he'd never speak to her again.
     "I don't know Emily. Last time I went to the bar with you things happened and I don't need a repeat of that". Rachel laughed at Emily's idea to get a drink after work.
    "It's different now. Tom won't let anyone get near us. We can get a bite to eat, shoot some pool and just have some fun. You haven't had any fun in a long time"  Emily teased back.
    It was a good night. Rachel hadn't laughed so hard since Jason.  Tom watched as the girls enjoyed themselves. Making sure that no one bothered them. They had dinner and played pool.  Before they knew it, Tom was making the last call and telling the girls it was time to close.
    "Rachel, if you're alright to get home by yourself, I'll take Emily with me. I know it's a bit out of your way to take her home first.  You need to call and let us know you've made it home safe."
    "I'll be fine. I'll call you as soon as I get home, promise."  Rachel crossed her heart and smiled at Tom. She was actually grateful that someone was still caring about her.
    Tom locked the bar and escorted the ladies to the parking lot. After making sure Rachel's car started and she was driving away, he and Emily left. The drove in different directions.
     Rachel had never had major trouble with her old car. She kept it in good condition but that wasn't enough tonight. It died. Several attempts were made to figure out what on earth could be wrong. She tried to start it over and over to no avail.  She lifted and hood and looked helplessly at the engine.  She returned to the driver's seat, grabbed her purse and fumbled for her phone. It wasn't there.  Emily must have grabbed her phone by accident. She was stuck there to wait. Hopefully, Tom and Emily would worry when she didn't call and come looking for her. Maybe Emily would find her phone. So many what ifs and maybes. What if no one noticed her missing.  She knew it was safest to stay with her car. She had always been told to wait with the car and even she and Jason had talked about it.  She would wait and hope someone would drive by and rescue her.
     She had waited an hour. No cars passed by. It was really late. It was the one thing she was missing about the city right now. Always people going some where at all times of the day or night.   She was cried out. She resigned herself to walk home as soon as the sun came up. She felt then it would be safe to walk along the road. It was so dark out here with no street lights.
     Another thirty minutes passed and a car finally pulled up behind her.  She only hoped the person was friendly and would help her get to town.   As she sat her chair upright, a strange but familiar feeling washed over her. Jason? Oh how she hoped it was Jason.
    He tapped on her window. The bright lights made it impossible to see if it was him or not. Slowly she rolled down her window just a bit, fearing it might not be him after all.  "Seems I'm always rescuing you from some trouble."  Jason gave her one of his deep belly kind of laughs.
She jumped out of the car as fast as she could and just held on to him. She never wanted to let him go.
    "Oh my God, I'm so glad to see you. To see anyone really. I thought I would have to sleep out here. It's so dark tonight. I was afraid to leave the car."  Rachel suddenly burst out crying mostly from relief of being found.
     "Tom called me over 45 minutes ago, I've been looking for you ever since. Why did you turn down this road?  It's no where near the way you should go home."  Jason held her stroking her back softly.
     "It was just .... I must have made a wrong turn."
    Jason took her home, kissed her on the forehead and left to finish his shift. "I'll come by tomorrow. We have a lot to talk about."
     Rachel was glad to have him back. She hoped he would stay this time.


     The morning seemed to drag on as Rachel kept herself busy. She was almost done with all the housework when her phone rang. Jason didn't say much, just that he was on his way.  She hurried to make herself presentable and started lunch for the two of them.
     When the doorbell rang, she jumped at the feeling of nervousness. Why was she nervous she thought. He had spent a whole week taking care of her. They weren't strangers. Yet the butterflies would not settle down.
     "Hey there". Rachel said opening the door for him to come in.
     "Something smells good."  Jason said as he reached to hug her. He meant her but she insisted it was lunch.
     During lunch they talked about why she hadn't seen him in over a week. He explained he needed to go out of town to take care of an issue that came up regarding Mark.  It seemed Mark had tried to cause trouble for him in a few towns over, telling the local sheriff he was assaulted by Jason. Once Jason showed up, Mark changed his story and it was finally all sorted out.
    "What an ass hole. I can't believe he tried to cause you trouble."  Rachel stood and walked over to the back door.  "I'm so glad he's gone. What a fucking idiot."
    "That is enough of that kind of language". Jason snarled. "I won't tolerate that from a girl friend of mine."
    "Well he is. I'm glad he's gone". Rachel never heard Jason get up and walk up behind her.  She was upset just thinking about the stuff Mark had done to her, the words just spilled out. "He caused so much fucking drama. He's not even worth thinking about anymore."
    "I said enough with that language". Jason grabbed her by the arm and in a quick movement had her upended over his knee. Rachel squealed in shock and tried to squirm away. Jason just locked her in tight and started raining down spanks on her bottom. "I told you No girl friend of mine was going to use that language". He steady spanked across her bottom taking great care to get every spot.
    "You can't do this. I'm not a child. You.... Owww.... can't just spank me."  Rachel was trying to plead with him but he was insistent on continuing.
    "I warned you, disobeying me has consequences."  He hooked his thumbs inside her waistband and yanked down her shorts and panties.
    "No, you can't.  Please Jason, I'm sorry."  Rachel sobbed and pleaded.
    Her bottom was turning red.  The building fire was almost unbearable but he didn't stop.  "I warned you not to talk like that, didn't I?"  He stopped for a second waiting for her answer. When it didn't come he swatted her bottom harder. "Didn't I?  Answer me!"
   "Yes". She said almost above a whisper.
   He spanked her some more focusing on her sit spots. Then stood her up and pointed to the corner. "Go stand in the corner and wait for me.  I'll be right back"
    She bent to pull her shorts up
    "Leave them. You don't need them yet.  Go!"  Jason pointed again and his tone said she should delay. "Don't rub & stand still."
     He watched her waddle to the corner and smiled at the sight of her standing there. Red bottom on display, sniffling and waiting for him. He walked to the kitchen and found what he was looking for. He sat back down on the chair and watched her for a little while longer before calling her back to him. Her eyes grew as large as saucers when she saw he was holding a wooden spoon.
    "Oh no please. I've learned my lesson. I won't swear any more, I promise."  Rachel started crying again. Pleading with her eyes.
    "That look won't work on me Little One. We've got a bit more talking to do. Come on over here". He crooked his finger at her. She slowly walked towards him.
    "I promised you consequences for disobeying me, remember. Do you recall going out when I told you to stay in?"  She shook her head yes as he grabbed her and again upended her across his knee. "This is what happens when you disobey".  Jason began spanking her again. Covering her bottom with rapid strokes of the spoon.  It was a good ten minutes before he stopped. Rachel had long since stopped squirming and fighting the spanking. She was sobbing, crying so hard she felt as though she'd never stop.   He held her there, stroking her back waiting for her to calm down a little. When her blubbering sobs slowed, he let her stand. Then he picked her up and carried her over to the couch. He cradled her in his arms and let her finish crying.
    "Sshhh, it's over now. All is forgiven. Sshhhh". He softly whispered in her ear.
    She cried into his shoulder and melted into his chest. She was fully aware she had kicked her panties free a long time ago. Just being on his lap like this was warming up her sex. She grew wet with desire. Jason wasn't immune to her either. She felt him growing beneath her thighs.
Rachel looked up Jason's eyes. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him. He kissed her back softly at first, then he began to kiss harder. Their tongues danced and tangled around each other as his hands began to caress over her body.
    "Come on, let's go upstairs". Jason said. They stood and he led her to the bedroom.  She felt the sting in her bottom all the way up the stairs.  She wasn't bothered by the spanking as she felt it lifted whatever it was that had been holding them apart.  What she was worried about now was whether or not she would know what to do in the bedroom.  She wasn't a virgin but she wasn't experienced. Derek only ever wanted sex one way.
    Once in the bedroom, a wild desire overtook them both. Their kissing became passionate and heated. Hand caressing every inch of each other. Soon they were both naked and exploring their need for each other.  Jason laid her softly on the bed, covered himself with a condom and took her in the missionary style she was accustomed to. She had never been so full and felt so much. She wiggled and squirmed and moved in rhythm with him. She had never given her body completely over to sex and now it was totally enveloping her. Her body started to shake and soon she was tensing.
    "Relax, just let it go."  Jason whispered in her ear. She did and they both came together in one amazing tornado of pleasure. They laid there together for a while just breathing. Holding onto the memory of their first time together.   "Want a shower? We did promise to go to a BBQ at Tom's this afternoon"
    She nodded in agreement.  They showered together.  Soaping, rubbing & cleaning.
    "We need to stop this before I have to have you again. We'll never make the BBQ at this rate"  Jason told her in his firm but sweet voice.


    Rachel had never been happier. They walked into the party hand in hand. Jason introduced her to people she had never met before, but when Rachel finally saw Emily, she excused herself and went to talk to her friend.
    "Don't go too far. I don't want to let you out of my sight". Jason smiled and gave her a kiss as she walked away to talk to Her friend.
    "Well it looks like you and Jason have gotten back together".  Emily grinned.  "Let's find somewhere to sit down and you can give me all the juicy details"
     The girls talked about everything.  the spanking, the sex.  Rachel was grinning from ear to ear. She couldn't hold back and told her friend everything.
     "He used a wooden spoon. I didn't even know there was a spoon on the kitchen. It was horrible and freeing at the same time. I felt like all the stress from that horrible incident was being washed away. I don't know how to describe it Emily, but it felt like a fresh start.  He said it was over and all was forgiven and it was. It really was. I've never felt so much in one moment."  Rachel was blushing and smiling.  She was smiling so much her cheeks were starting to hurt. "I'm not saying I want another spanking, but I did like the peace and forgiveness.  The sex we had after wasn't bad either."
   The girls both giggled and carried on for a while longer when Tom interrupted them.
    "You girls should get something to eat before I let everyone know the food is ready."
    When neither of them moved from their seats for a few minutes more, Tom again came by this time with a bit of annoyance in his voice. "Emily, NOW, get up and get something to eat. I don't want to worry that you didn't eat after all the planning and preparing you've done. I know you've not eaten yet today so get up and go or we can go inside."  His tone left no room for doubt on his intentions.
    "Come on Rachel. Let's get some food and we can continue our talk".  Emily smiled at Tom got up and went to make her and Rachel plates of food. Rachel carried the drinks and they once again sat at the table.
    "You too?"
    "Yes me too". Emily said with a chuckle. "I think that's why Jason kept pushing Tom and I together. We have a domestic discipline kind of relationship. Tom explained it all to me when we first got together. I've found that I'm a calmer more productive person than I was before. I know he loves me and is willing to help me become a better me and together we are happier.  I think I've needed this for a long time."
    "Do you like being spanked then?  Because I did not enjoy that part at all."
    "Not really but when I know I have one coming, I know whatever caused it will be forgiven shortly and he won't ever use it against me. That feeling you described, the peace, it's real and it's wonderful."
    The continued talking but barely touched their dinner. A fact that did not get past Toms attentions. As he neared the chatting girls, Emily noticed the look on his face. She knew that look and knew what it meant. He was disappointed and frustrated with her.  She looked at her plate and her stomach started to growl.  Grabbing her fork, she began to eat. The one thing he made sure she did daily. Emily had some body image issues and often went without eating. He was the first man who ever said he loved her just the way she was. She felt safe with him and wanted to make him happy.  She was able to let her walls down. He was helping her defeat this demon inside her. She was happy.
   "You didn't get much so I'll expect you to eat it all". Tom said softly but firmly.
   "Yes, sir."  Emily smiled sweetly pleading forgiveness with her eyes.
   Rachel watched the exchange in amazement. Tom never faulted on his goal of getting Emily to eat but he didn't force her, he didn't pressure her.  He showed patience and understanding, but with a firmness and calmness. He never raised his voice, never got angry. The whole conversation was loving. Even Rachel felt her walls lowering at the thought this type of relationship could work for her as well.
    "Is he always like that?  I mean he wasn't angry and didn't force you to do anything. It was just like he was showing how much he cares about you."  Rachel asked the question before she could stop herself. She was curious.  She needed to know it wasn't all about getting spanked or misbehavior.
    "Ya, he is always like that. Pretty even emotionally. Not quick to anger. I asked him to help me watch what I eat. So he does. He says he loves me and needs me to stay healthy for him.  It was sweet.  No one ever cared that much for me. Maybe Jason once but he was always more like a brother. But for you, he has it bad."
    "I feel that way too but I'm scared of this thing he wants me to do. I'm not sure I can or want to. But that's enough of that for now. Did you see what Missy was wearing?  I would have never thought she'd wear anything close to that, she's so quiet at work"
   They continued to talk and gossip about everything eventually getting up and wandering around.  Rachel was consumed in her chat with Emily, she forgot about Jason keeping an eye on her.
    The party seemed larger than it had ever been in previous years and there were many people Jason had never met before. For a small tourist town, it only spelled trouble. Jason had been watching Rachel while she sat eating and talking with Emily. They looked to be having such a good time, he didn't want to interrupt.  He just kept an eye on her and the party.
     Tom came looking for Jason as he realized the party was out of control in size. His farm was large enough for the crowd but most were uninvited tourists who had heard people in town talking. Word got out and the party was no longer private.  "Jason, I didn't mind too much when it was just a few people, but they just keep coming. I've turned a few away already but I think it's just time to end this.  Would you give me a hand rounding everyone up and getting them to leave?"  Tom asked. "Have you seen the girls?  I lost sight of them about 20 minutes ago."
     "I saw them walking around near the barn but that was a while ago. I'll start the ball rolling on shutting this party in the front yard.  You start around the barn.  If you find them, have Rachel wait for me on the porch."  Jason had wanted to shut down the party a long time ago but decided he would give his friend a little space for some fun. As long as it all stayed safe.
   "I'll send them in the house, no worries."
   They separated and both started clearing the party. There were a few party goers that weren't happy about leaving but most left without and conflicts.  Jason went into sheriff mode and was hard to cross. Tom was also hard to cross when he put his mind to something. Together they were quickly making an end to the rowdy party.
    The girls having walked all over talking to co-workers and exploring the farm stopped by the pond to see what was going on. A large crown of people had gathered and we're making a lot of noise. They soon found themselves in the middle of a brawl.   They were being pushed and shoved and were soon separated from each other.  Emily and Rachel shouted for each other but with so much going on they couldn't see or hear each other.
    Emily was knocked to the ground and someone stepped on her hand. She was sure it was broken. It wasn't easy but she managed to get to a nearby tree on the edge of the pond and waited for things to settle down.
   Rachel didn't have any easier a time as she tripped in a hole and twisted her knee and ankle so badly she couldn't get back on her feet. Through raging tears she was able to make it to the edge of the pond where Emily was sitting. She was happy to have found her friend but in so much pain she feared the worst.
   "Rachel, the water is cold. It'll help. I've had my hand in there since I got close to the edge. It's not deep here, Tom and I come here all the time."
   Rachel slowly eased into the cool water and it did help but not much. Now she was cold and in pain. They sat waiting for anyone to come stop this.
    Tom and Jason met back up near the house when they heard the commotion. People were running to their cars while others were running towards the pond.
    "Are the girls in the house?" Jason asked
    "No, I was hoping you found them but I guess not". Tom started to get worried. "I bet if we follow the noise, we'll find our girls.  Always getting themselves into some mess aren't they?"
    "Ya, I guess they do."  Jason chuckled at the thought.
     As they rounded the corner on the noise, Jason recognized the two teens as local boys he had dealt with before. Jason pushed his way through the crowd easily and separated the teens.
"You boys want to tell me what's going on here?"  Jason roared angered these kids would start a fight here.
    "Let go of me. We were just having some fun."  One of the boys shot back.
    "What fun will you be having when we go to the station and let your mothers know what you've been up to?"
     "Come on sheriff,  we didn't mean any harm. We thought we could hang out here and with Tom's BBQ going on, no one would notice.  Can't we just apologize to Tom and go?"  The other boy tried a different approach that was falling on deaf ears.
     Tom cleared away the bystanders looking for the girls. He saw them near the pond.
     "Jason, the girls are by the pond"
     Jason let the boys go, the apologized to Tom and promised to go straight home. He would call their parents tomorrow and let them know what they had done. They were lucky Tom wasn't willing to press charges against them.
     When Jason and Tom made their way back to where the girls were sitting, they noticed neither of them got up.
    "There you are angel.  What are you doing way out here?"  Tom asked.
    Emily was crying now. Full sobbing cries. "You came looking for me?"
    "Of course I did.  You're my angel. What happened? What's wrong?"
    "We were just walking around.  I was showing Rachel around when we saw this crowd. We got pushed and separated. I fell, someone stomped on my hand and and ....."
    Tom shushed her and pulled her into a tight hug. "It's ok now.  I'm here. Shhhh"
    "Rachel, are you alright?"  Tom called out for her before he reached her.
    "Not really. I tripped in a hole. I'm not sure I can walk."  Rachel was calm in spite of her pain.
     "Ok, let me help you. Seems I'm always taking you to the hospital."  Jason laughed but he knew this could be serious.
      Jason and Tom carried their girls out of the pasture and to a waiting ambulance.
     Several hours later in the emergency room, both girls were being released to go home. Emily with a broken hand and Rachel with a broken ankle. Both girls were lucky.
        Jason finally managed to tuck Rachel into bed. It had been a long exhausting day.  With Rachel asleep, it wasn't long before Jason fell asleep too.

       It was a few days later when Rachel felt human enough to think about work. She could drive yet and Jason was at work. She just needed to get out of the house for a while.
     "Hey Emily. Are you busy today?  I'm bored with cabin fever and need to get out "
     "I was about to call and ask you the same thing. What did you have in mind?"  Emily asked.
     "I kind of wanted to run by the office for a little bit and then I don't know maybe lunch on the boardwalk". Rachel was excited to think of going out. Jason had kept her on a pretty tight leash the last few days. He barely even let her out of bed but he's at work now. Nee doesn't need to know she thought.
    Emily was on her way.  Rachel hurried and got ready. The stupid crutches and boot were slowing her down but she thought she was doing well. She chose a skirt and blouse as pants were a little difficult right now. Once ready she hopped down the stairs. At the bottom she realized she had left her crutches upstairs. No worries, Emily will grab them when she gets here.
   Rachel was sitting with her back to the door when it opened. "Took you long enough" she said as she turned around.
    "Didn't know I was late" Jason said. He raised his eyebrow at her "going somewhere?"
It was a question but not one she was prepared to answer. He was the last person she expected to be home right now.
    "What are you doing home? Shouldn't you be at work?"  Rachel asked trying to deflect his attention.
    "Oh no little one.  I asked you a question first and you will answer me" Jason's tone made it clear he was unhappy with her.
    "I was bored and alone so I called Emily. She's coming over and we are going to the office for a bit, then out for some lunch.  It's no big deal really". Rachel tried with to sound sad and in need of a day out.
    "I came home to take you to lunch but since you've made plans. Maybe I'll just call Tom and see if he's busy"
    "No wait....." Rachel tried to stop him but he shushed her.
    Jason dialed the phone "why not?  Something I need to know?"
    Rachel didn't want him to call Tom. She was sure Emily hadn't told him.

    "Hi Tom, I thought maybe you'd like to go to lunch since the girls have made plans" Jason winked at Rachel.  He knew the girls like to plan things before thinking.
    "Emily didn't make plans that I know of. I asked her not to drive until she was off the pain medicine. Plus I took her keys, I don't think she's going anywhere. Unless Rachel is picking her up". Tom sounded confused but certain Emily was not involved.
    "Well I came home early to see Rachel and take her to lunch but she claims Emily is on her way.  They want to go in to work. Is Emily ready to go back?"
    "No, she's not been cleared by the doctor.  Or me." Tom laughed.
   There was a knock at the door. "Just a second Tom, someone's at the door". Jason opened the door and was not surprised to see Emily but Emily sure was surprised to see him.
   "Jason, I wasn't expecting to see you." She jumped and her voice cracked.
   "I bet you didn't."  Jason handed her the phone. "This is for you"
   Emily took the phone curious and nervous who it could be. "Hello?"
   Rachel turned to look at Emily. She mouthed I'm sorry. She could tell from Emily's expression threat Tom was just as angry as Jason.
   Emily returned the phone to Jason and just stood there in a pout.
   "Yes Tom I will."  Jason hung up the phone and turned to Emily with his hand outstretched. "Keys please.  Good, now have a seat and wait. You, little one need to come with me."
He reached down and picked up Rachel and carried her up the stairs.  Once upstairs he wasted no time sitting on the bed and positioning Rachel across his lap. Her upper half supported by the bed and her feet carefully on the floor. He was careful not to bump her bad ankle but he wasn't about to let it stop him from his task. "You seem to have forgotten I asked you to stay home and rest. Apparently you forgot the lesson in obedience already"
    "I didn't forget.  I didn't think you'd mind.  I was just so bored.  Please you can't do this. Emily is just downstairs."  Rachel pleaded with him.
    "Don't worry about her. If you can plan trouble with her, then she can hear what trouble gets you. Plus I'm sure Tom has this same idea on his mind."  Jason was unswayed by his little brats pleas. He began to spank in earnest on her skirted bottom.  It wasn't long before he ya Jed down her skirt and panties and continued his task.
   Slap slap slap, the spanks reigned down on a very remorseful bottom.
   "Ooh please ok I get it. I understand.  I'm sorry"
   Slap, slap, slap. "I know you're sorry now. The trick is to get you to think before we get here" Jason continued his spanking. He stopped only long enough to retrieve the paddle he had moved next to the bed. He didn't think he'd need it so soon and he hoped he wouldn't need it for a long time.
  "Ow, ow please. I'll stay home. Please."  Rachel was begging now and crying hysterically.
   Jason continued a few more minutes and stopped when Rachel's bottom was beginning to turn a dark plum color.   Would this be enough of a reminder for a couple days?   He stopped spanking and began rubbing her back helping her to calm down. As she did, he picked her up and sat her on his lap and hugged her. He held her tight and whispered it was over in her ear.
   "When you're ready we can go back downstairs. This time with your crutches."
   Rachel wanted to wash her face first. Soon she was ready and Jason picked her up again and carried her down the stairs. She made her way to the couch and sat softly. Emily smiled knowingly.
   "I'm sure we can still get lunch after Tom gets here. No sense wasting an entire afternoon, it is so nice outside."  Jason tried to ease Emily's nerves and assure Rachel he was no longer upset.
    "That'd be nice but I'm not sure. Maybe I should just go home and wait for Tom."  Emily started to get up to leave.
    "Sit!" Jason boomed. His voice was direct and firm. The tone leaving no doubt and Emily sat back down. She looked pitiful. Scared and unsure what Tom's reaction will be.  She wouldn't have to,wait long.
   The doorbell rang and Jason let Tom in. Soft words were spoken and the girls looked at each other. Emily was nervous as Tom looked pretty upset, not mad like she had thought he would be. Tom walked over to Emily, grabbed her hand and began leading her upstairs. She was hesitant at first but went willingly.
    Rachel couldn't help but imagine the life she would have with Jason. She hoped with all she had done so far that he wasn't ready to leave her. She had never felt so strongly about anyone. Never felt such forgiveness and peace after messing up so badly. She thought she felt happy. She smiled to herself.
     "Is it funny now that it's not you headed up those stairs?"  Jason asked.
     "No, it's not that. It's just..... I don't know. I'm just happy". Rachel admitted to herself more than to Jason.
     "I'm glad you're happy. We have a lot to talk about tomorrow. I have to go back to work after lunch. So I'll make sure you're all tucked in safe and sound and be back tomorrow morning.  We can talk over breakfast."
      They sat together on the couch cuddling waiting on Tom and Emily to return from upstairs. While they could hear what was going on, neither mentioned it. Rachel wondered if Emily heard as much as they were hearing but she vowed to herself she would never bring it up.
     Not much more time passed and the pair made their way downstairs.
     "So shall we get these girls some lunch, Tom?"  Jason smiled as if nothing happened just moments before. There was no tension, no awkwardness. It was over and things were back to normal.
     "There's a new restaurant in town with a nice outside deck overlooking the water. Seems a good time to try it."  Tom spoke, much like Jason, with a calm and relaxed tone.
     Rachel realized that it was over. She wasn't in trouble anymore and the peace she was feeling was real.  There were no hard feelings, no resentment and no leftover anger. It was done. She smiled again as Jason carefully helped her stand and passed her her crutches. She was beginning to like this way Jason wanted to live. She couldn't wait to hear all about it and tell him she couldn't imagine living any other way.
     Lunch was amazing. The four talked like they had know each other all their lives. Rachel felt included in their group  and her happiness grew to contentment. Finally tho it had to end, Tom needed to set up the bar and Jason had to get back to work.

    Jason made sure Rachel was safe and sound on the living room couch before he went off to work. She couldn't believe how he fussed over her. He made sure she had a few snacks close by and plenty of water.   He checked to make sure she could manage a simple dinner for herself. He left nothing to question.  He ordered her to stay off her feet as much as possible and told her she would be better off staying on the couch than trying to get up the stairs.   When she looked as if she might pout at sleeping on the pull-out he made up for her, he just shot her a quick look and she knew she was better off where she was. That look, she mused, sends shivers down my spine and warms the rest of me with excitement.
     Rachel spent the day thinking of the past with Drake. Jason was nothing like Drake.  Drake's idea of dominance was abusive. She remembered how he would hit her and make her feel so stupid for little mistakes. He would belittle her in front of their friends and kept her from doing stuff alone. She was always afraid of triggering his anger and never knowing what would set him off next. Drake was insecure she thought. He needed her to be submissive to him to make him feel better.  She was afraid of him. She felt she had to get away from him and did finally when she's built up enough courage, she left him. She filed papers to keep him away. She knew she was lucky. Not every woman with those problems get away. Not every story has a happy ending.
    "Jason is different.  Stop picturing the past Rachel. We won't go back there again."  She scolded herself.
     Rachel smiled and laughed at herself. She knew she was right. Her heart told her Jason was different. Every inch of her being told her he was her special one.  She would never search again but did she want another dominant man.   She didn't know about the dominant but she was sure about Jason. She liked that he took control of things. That he wanted her safe and happy. He spanked her but she wasn't afraid of him. She found herself liking the idea of being held to a higher standard. She felt that being held accountable for some things could help her become a better happier person. She liked the forgiveness the spankings gave her. She felt a happiness afterward. She wasn't afraid. The more she thought about it, the more she knew it was something she actually thought she needed and wanted in her life. She wanted Jason.
     Rachel finally admitted to herself all her fantasies of having a man in her life that was old fashioned and in control of his family and life. A man who knew what he wanted but didn't beat people up to get it. She wanted a man that was also kind and loving. Who could put her needs first. She wanted a protector and a best friend. She wanted him to make her knees weak when he was around and treated her like a princess. The more she described her secret desires, she knew she wanted Jason.
    "Oh my Gosh, I love Jason!"  She blurted out at the television.
    Rachel fell asleep watching some Romantic movie where a chance meeting happened to a disoriented couple that ended up falling in forever kind of love. She would dream of her knight in shining armor and their own happily ever after.

     Jason came home later than he had wanted to but some days were just like that. A bad accident had taken a while in e small town to clear and investigate. He was exhausted and in need of rest.   He walked into the house and saw Rachel sleeping there on the couch. Curled up in the blanket he'd brought down from her bed. She was so peaceful and beautiful. She didn't know it but she melted all the worries of the day away from him. She removed his stress and in that one instant made him the happiest man on the planet. He carefully and quietly got ready for bed and slipped into her world. As he relaxed down into the covers, in her sleep, she found him and cuddled up close. There they slept in complete stillness, contentment and love enveloping them and washing away all worries.
    Rachel woke first. She was trying so hard not to wake him. He looked exhausted and she wanted him to sleep but she had to get up. There was no avoiding it, she had to wake him up. Gently she kissed his lip and rubbed her hand on his chest.
    "You can wake me up like that for the rest of my life". Jason grinned kissing her back.
    "I think I'd like that very much but for now I need to go to the bathroom and you're blocking my crutches"
    Jason helped her up and made his way to the kitchen to start coffee and breakfast.  He was an expert in the kitchen and made Rachel one of his favorites cinnamon French toast.  Cooking was always his time to reflect and get his thoughts together. He knew he needed to tell Rachel everything but he was worried about her reaction.
    He set breakfast on the table and helped her with her chair. He gently kissed her on the top of her head "I hope you like it."
    "It looks and smells amazing, I'm sure I'm going to love it."
    They both sat awkwardly quiet during the meal. It was as if the elephant in the room was gaining a life of its own. Rachel was afraid to tell him she loved him. Jason was afraid to tell her what he needed from a relationship. Both feared what was about to be said could end what they'd both come to be so fond of.
    "Well" Jason started "no sense putting it off any longer I suppose.  Rachel, I told you we needed to talk and let's just get it all said."  He sighed. He knew this conversation had not worked out well in the past but Rachel was different.  He wanted, no needed, it to be different this time.   She tried to say something but he silenced her, he needed to be the first to talk.
    "I've never felt like this with anyone. Rachel, from the moment I saw you come into town, I knew something was special with you. From the first time I shook your hand, the electricity that shocked me, I knew you would be the one for me."
    Rachel smiled, she wanted to tell him nothing else matters that she feels the same way but he kept silencing her. He put his finger to her lips and even gave her that look, the one the melts her and makes her feel safe but obedient.
    After a pause, he continued. "I live a certain way. My expectations and desires aren't for everyone. I control my house. My girlfriends have always had to follow my lead. I expect them to do as they are told, as you've seen, I have no problem dealing with disobedience swiftly. I've spanked in the past and while I felt it was necessary, I've lost girlfriends over it.  I don't want to lose you but I am who I am. If you stay with me, it's my rules and there are consequences for breaking them."  Jason looked determined but worried. "I'm not arrogant, I don't expect a complete submissive.  I want a life partner. One I can make decisions with, one who loves making me happy but also one that follows my lead and let's me lead."
    "Jason, I want you.  I'm not sure what else you expect but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be with you. I've thought about it all night and I think whatever this is, is what I need. I thought about Drake and what drew me to him was his control.  You're not Drake and I feel so safe with you. I've not felt like this ever either."
   Feeling relieved, Jason hugged Rachel, kissed her on the nose and continued.  "Well, then you must know the rules before you can completely agree and consent to the relationship.  I expect you to do as you're told, when you're told.  I want to know your plans, where you are and who you're with. I will protect you from everything I can, including you."  Jason laughed knowing how much trouble she had caused herself recently.
    "So I can't do what I want when I want?  How is that fair?"  Rachel was concerned. Drake started that way too she thought.
     "It's not that I'm trying to stop you from doing what you want.  I just want to know what that is and where you are. I can't keep you safe, if I don't know where you are.  I will always listen to what you want and your happiness is what I want too."
     "I want to be accountable for my actions.  Somehow I always knew I did. When you first threatened me with consequences, I was secretly scared and excited all at once.  Emily told me you spanked her. I wanted you to care about me enough to do that to me too. When you did, I knew then and there I wanted to be yours. When you left, I thought I'd lost you.  I never want to feel like that again.  I love you, Jason."  Rachel started tearing up.  She didn't want to cry but she was so happy.  "I accept you, all of you.  All of your rules and conditions. I want to be yours, forever."
     Jason, feeling a sense of relief, scooped Rachel up in his arms and carried her up the stairs. "I'm glad you feel that way because I'm never letting you get away from me again."
     Once upstairs, Jason took control of the situation. Quietly undressing her & kissing her all over. Studying her body with his hands and mouth. He held her and let her know this time, it wouldn't be quick, he aimed to take his time and claim every inch of her as his own.  He would bring her to the edge several times before finally letting her cum. Her whole body shook in anticipation and gratitude of his touch. He would make love to her over and over, never allowing her touch him. Not this time, this time was all about her. She felt such desire for him and wanted him to make love to her forever.
    Such was the beginning of a very happy relationship. They would share many afternoons being lazy and making love. There would also be plenty of rules broken and plenty of spankings administered. They would live, happy together forever.


  1. Just finished your story. Thanks for finishing it. It was thoroughly enjoyed.

    1. Hi Karen
      Thanks for the comment. I'm glad someone read it and enjoyed the story.