Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oh no you didn't

Let me start by saying I did not sleep well that night. Too many things going round and round, spinning in my head.  Watching the hours go by, waking up every 2 or 3 hours starting all over trying to regain control of sleep. 

The alarm went off, the snooze was pushed. I finally found sleep in that short 9 minutes. Trouble was, he knows I should be up. So 4 minutes late, that's not so bad, right?  He can't possibly be that upset over 4 minutes, could he?  He didn't say anything.  Whew, in the clear. I did have an excuse in case he asked but he didn't ask. 

I showered and continued on my morning routine, getting ready for work. Helping make sure the kids left on time, brushed what needs brushing, wearing what needs wearing. Typical morning stuff. Then they were soon out the door and gone for the day. My turn to finish up and get going as well. 

His version of silent spanking is what I like to refer to as Star Trek panties. The kind that go where none have gone before. Extremely uncomfortable and a rule breaker to fidget with. 
He asked me to change into the special panties, which I did but rather pouty and really upset about it. 

"You're not pouting are you?" He asks knowing the answer. 
"Yes, kind of"
His simple why led to an explanation reeking of defiance. 
"I just don't want to be uncomfortable all day at work"

I know. Think first, speak second, never act. Oops too late!  Almost as soon as the words flood from my mouth, I knew it was the wrong thing to say. 

"Ok, you can take them off" he says while reaching into the cabinet of horrors. 
"No, I'll wear them.  It's ok."
"Too late for that now.  You will not pout when I give you a punishment whether you like it or not. Off they go and get ready"

The lecture included me begging a little and then admitting to what I had done. He didn't want to spank me, I gave him no choice. It was 20 hard swats with the dreaded evil stick. That thing stings like crazy and has a way of reminding you of its visit for hours if not days later.   I was sorry for my behavior, we hugged and all was forgiven.  

"Now put the panties back on and get dressed for work." 

I still had to wear the miserable panties for the day. All I gained was a red bottom to go with them. 

Hang tight, I'm still learning!

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