Thursday, January 22, 2015

What do I get out of DD?

Ok so this post isn't about me.  I was asked to answer that question for Fonzi.  What did I think he should be getting out of this dynamic.  I pondered this for a while.  If he didn't know what he was getting, how am I suposed to tell him what I thouht he should get.  Well frankly, I'd not put much thought into it.  I just kinda thought he got what I got.  So here is how I answered his question.

I know you don't want the cookie cutter answers but I do think those are the best place to start.  You get peace & harmony in the household.  The better communication, a deeper connection, a better more meaningful cohesive us.  We get to be friends again, companions, lovers.   Things we've been missing for a long time.

You gt a way to deal with me.  To forgive an let go.  No more hiding behind anger or frustration.  You get to help me be better, for me & for us.  You get a wife who is at peace, content with the world instead of trying to control the chaos.  You get a happier, well adjusted (most of the time anyway) me. 

You get a cleaner house.  Though not perfect, it's better than a few years ago.

You get final say, for us, for me and for our family.

I hope you get peace and contentment.  I hope you've found love and friendship again.

So that was my answer.  It's not a great answer to his question and I still hope he finds out what he gets from DD without me telling him.  I love him and I want him to feel the same benefits I do.  Our path has not unwound itself yet and I think we may have made a few circles around the same tree, but I know the decision was right to go down this road.

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