Thursday, August 14, 2014

The funk continues

Maybe it's not a funk so much as an overwhelming craziness caused by life. We are moving. Not the simple pack it all up, load in on a truck kind of move but a bit by bit here and there kind of move. Everything is upside down, nothing is in a place yet and it's driving me crazy.  Not that I'm an everything in it's own place kind of person but I'm a know where it is or was person. Right now my world is in chaos. 

I would love for someone to just tell me exactly what to do, when to do it or have it done by. Instead of the general stuff that needs to be done anytime someone is moving. 

Add to that chaos, the waiting game from test results from the doctor. I'm a total ball of nerves and emotions. He is letting me get away with way to much snappy nasty attitude. I know why & I appreciate the sentiment but I also want the absolute to stay absolute. I'm rambling and probably not making sense. 

A few more days of utter chaos and maybe things can start to return to normal.   

I'm also worried about the privacy type issues in the new house for DD. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. (Pun intended. LOL). 

Sorry if this doesn't make sense but I needed to get it out. Still learning and growing!!


  1. I hate it when Barney gives me leniency when life is crazy! It further sends me into a state of uncertainty. I too know why he does it but in my mind at times I think, " He can't handle me right now" or " He thinks I'm too fragile". During difficult times I need him to stay the course. My mind is whirling and I need him to stop as much of that as he can by being my focal point.

    Is that what you mean?

    I hate moving and I have declared many times we are NEVER doing it again!

    Good luck.....and talk to your hubby about his leniency would ya?

    1. Willie
      Yes - like he could just snap me out of it somehow by being that solid rock I need to lean on. Instead of being the soft squishy pillow to fall on. Problem with falling on the pillow is it usually ends up with me having a sore bottom. Oh well, what these days doesn't lead to a sore bottom?

  2. I know the frustration. On one hand, you don't want to get called on the bitchiness because it means a sore bottom. On the other hand, you want the reassurance that he is paying attention and not letting everything slide.

    Moving sucks. Steve and I have moved 3 times in the 9 years we've been married and will be moving for the fourth (and hopefully final) time next year. All of our moves were prior to starting DD so I'm curious to see how the next one goes.

  3. Dana
    Getting called out would be better than days on end of crabbiness I can't pull myself out of.

    This won't be our last move but this will be the last one for a while I hope. A few more days - I can do this!!!

  4. So many of them do this Erika--they think they are helping by letting us get away with murder at the very time when we would actually thrive by having more boundaries. Sigh. By now those few days are over and I hope you have life more in hand...heh...and that you have been taken in hand.

    1. Thanks Susie
      I was eventually taken in hand and the fences went up stronger than ever. It's not perfect & he's not 100% yet, but its better.